1-2-1 Coaching And Mentoring

90 Days To Bulimia Freedom – The Programme:

This tailored for you, 1-2-1 coaching programme could help you become free from bulimia’s stranglehold in just 90 days.

90 Days To Bulimia Freedom – The Outcomes:

Join this programme and expect change, learning and surprising insights as your journey evolves.

You will discover…

1. Freedom and peace as YOU reclaim your power and disentangle yourself from bulimia’s grip

2. The knowledge you need to stop bingeing and purging – forever

3. Freedom from food because it no longer makes you fearful, anxious or worried about getting fat

4. Your inner strength leading to renewed confidence and strong self esteem

5. How to shift your thoughts, create outcomes that you love and take back control of your life

6. Tools and techniques to powerfully deal with stress, overwhelm and anxiety

7. The strength to leave behind the negative thoughts and emotions that currently destroy your self-esteem

8. A vision for your future that leaves you excited and inspired about yourself and your life

9. That you really can love yourself and your body 🙂

10.How to move beyond bulimia and create a life you’ll love

And much more.

Your programme includes…
  1. An initial 2-3 hour Breakthrough and Discovery Session (can be broken into 2 parts) to uncover your triggers, challenge your thinking and lay strong foundations for success
  1. A series of powerful exercises that will connect you to your true self and reveal an inspired vision for your future
  1. Weekly Skype coaching sessions to discuss and reflect on your progress
  1. On demand email support to tide you over between Skype sessions
  1. Tailored exercises, questions and activities to help work through your barriers
  1. 1-2-1 support from me. I’ll be there as a sounding board to support, encourage and guide you through your unique 90 day journey

90 Days To Bulimia Freedom Your investment…

 This exclusive opportunity to receive 1-2-1 support from Bulimia Recovery Coach Julie Kerr costs just £1764 or 3 easy monthly instalments of £647.

Just imagine what being free from bulimia could mean for you…

PLUS, if after the first two weeks you decide this programme is NOT for you, just let me know and I will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Is this programme right for you?

90 Days To Bulimia Freedom works. So if you’re ready to become bulimia free and feel this opportunity could right for you, let’s book a 30-minute Skype call to chat further. That way you can discover for yourself if I’m the right person to support you on your journey to bulimia freedom.  For now simply add your details in the box below with a couple of dates and times (in your local time zone) put ‘I’d Love To Know More‘ in the subject line and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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And I promise no hard sell. Just a genuine, authentic conversation with a recovered bulimia sufferer who understands where you are AND can help you get where you want to be.

What’s more, regardless of whether you choose to join the programme, I promise that during our chat you will take away at least one insight that will make a BIG difference to your current situation.

And remember…

This could be the call that changes the rest of your life.

To discover the breakthroughs and transformations other bulimia sufferers have experienced on this unique 90 Day Programme, read on…

Below are the testimonials from a couple of clients to give you a  good idea of what’s possible.

Client 1:

“Before I met Julie I was in a downward spiral of self destruction through bulimia and approaching my 8th year of suffering. I felt hopeless & totally out of control, bingeing & purging up to 5 times a day. I could not see a way out.  I thought this was something that I was going to have forever.  I’d tried many times to stop, each failure resulting in crashing hard back into my habits.

I was desperate for help. After working up the courage to message her, I was replied too almost instantly and for the first time in years I no longer felt alone. I didn’t feel embarrassed, I felt as though I could be open & honest with her – also a first in many years. Her understanding of the illness & her personal experience made it totally shame free.

With Julie’s help, guidance & continual support, its safe to say I’ve found a way out!  Not only do I not binge & purge anymore – but I don’t even want too! I look at my life in a brand new light and now possess the courage to go for all the things I shut out of my life while suffering.  I am singing again and have now got a following online – yes I had the courage to go ‘public’ 🙂

The lessons I have learned are qualities that will help me in all aspects of my life. Without Julie I have no doubts I’d still be very lost & stuck in my destructive ways.

There are no words to express the level of gratitude I have for Julie’s help and support. AG

Client 2:

Before, I started the 90 Days To Bulimia Freedom Program with Julie I felt lost and confused. I couldn’t understand what had happened to me.  My passion and zest for life had gone and in its place was darkness, fear, guilt and shame. I was terrified someone would discover what I was doing.

I’d tried a couple of methods and treatments, one of them being seriously expensive but regardless of the expensive nothing had helped me. I felt desperate.  I really thought there is something wrong with me – how could I be so cruel to myself.

Despite having achieved so much in life, I felt such a failure as I broke promises to myself over and over and over again.  Something inside me knew my life should be completely different but I simply could not stop my bulimia. It was getting worse and worse and more out of control.

When I watched Julie’s TEAM videos I was pleasantly surprised. Her videos and first lessons were fantastic. I did each exercise and I began to feel the difference right away.

I remember my first conversation with Julie very clearly. She’s full of energy, shining and caring. From there we began our journey and I must admit, I love the experience of going through her recovery process. It is an eye opening experience. Finally I got to understand why bulimia developed and what caused it to become such a huge part of my life.  This and realisation that there is nothing wrong with me – bulimia is a kind of mask –  has made stopping so much easier than before.

I haven’t binged and purged in weeks – this feels so great and I’m even eating foods that would have been triggering.  Not only that, I am handling stressful situations that in the past would have led straight to bingeing. 

I have rediscovered myself and this has given me such strength.

I’ve discovered I don’t have to go and search for happiness – the happiness is inside me. All the bad thoughts that were hanging as a cloud in my head are just thoughts and I am a master! I am the one to decide how I want to see the world.  I now love to wake up in the morning, I love my life and I’m excited about creating my next chapter.

Thank you Julie for helping me to come back and create a ‘normal’ fulfilled life where I’m free. DN

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy results like these?

I look forward to hearing from you.