Julie Kerr

Bulimia Recovery Coach Julie won a 15 year battle with bulimia over 30 years ago and now mentors and coaches others to bulimia freedom.

In the wider world Julie is known as a bulimia recovery coach however, to her clients she is known as The Recovery Alchemist, who brings a unique and powerful perspective on recovery that has helped people from all walks of life, not just stop bingeing and purging but learn how to love themselves and their bodies and create a life they love.

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7 Bulimia Weight Loss Strategies That Cause Weight Gain

The compensating behaviours of bulimia, self induced vomiting, dieting, fasting or over-exercising, may, on the surface, seem like effective weight loss strategies. However when you look at the science, you start to see that these strategies actually DON’T WORK AT ALL and that in the long run, they tend to contribute to you gaining more weight.

Spring Into Bulimia Freedom

With Spring in the air, it is a great time to reset your intention and really ignite your desire for bulimia recovery so that you can finally be free from the stranglehold bulimia has over you and your life.

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