Causes of Bulimia

Years after I’d recovered from Bulimia Nervosa and had begun working as a life coach and mentor I got curious as to what had caused my eating disorder. What actually were the causes of bulimia – so I started to research and was amazed to find that no one really knew. Everywhere I looked I …

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What is Bulimia?

Well, the usual definition of Bulimia or Bulimia Nervosa is that it is an eating disorder characterized by regular episodes of binge eating followed by purging – compensatory behaviours to prevent weight gain – which include self-induced vomiting, abuse of laxatives or diuretics, excessive exercise, eating very little or starving. The thing is–that’s rather like …

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"Likeness" – How Helpful Is This Movie For Bulimia Sufferers?

Personally I don’t see how the movie ‘Likeness’ by Rodrigo Prieto is helpful. This short video about ‘eating disorders’ is more of a thinspiration (pro anorexia / pro bulimia) video with all the images of skinny models taking up a high percentage of the footage.  So potentially glamourising eating disorders and triggering for someone with an eating disorder.

Your Bulimia Free Christmas?

However I’ve now been bulimia free for over 20 years. Instead of obsessing about my weight, popping laxatives and slimming pills and being terrified of getting fat, I have a healthy relationship with food and myself. What’s more I found freedom without therapy or mediacation. Instead I tapped into and used a resource I already had inside me. And the good news is that you have this resource too – and it’s waiting to help you become bulimia free.

Raw Food Diets and Bulimia

It’s an interesting story that further supports the hidden dangers of restrictive eating, fad diets and listening to gurus, rather than your own body. Let me explain…

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