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Your Bulimia Recovery Blog

Hi there and welcome to your Bulimia Recovery Blog. I say ‘yours’ because I’ve created this blog with you in mind, someone who’s where I once was; struggling with bulimia and who now wants to be free or is at least curious to find out more.

And so, you’ll discover information to inspire and support your own recovery in the posts here on your Bulimia Recovery Blog. Information and insights either from my own personal experience and research or from mentoring and coaching others, along with any news and views from other experts in the field of eating disorders and beyond.

I truly believe in THE POWER OF A NEW PERSPECTIVE as a tool to cause change, so not all the posts will be directly related to bulimia or bulimia recovery. However I invite you to keep an open mind and be curious as they will indirectly relate and I share them with you to stimulate new understanding and insight and be a catalyst for your bulimia recovery. SO, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN & ENJOY.

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Revealed: The Hidden Dangers of Allowing Society & The Mass Media To Define Contemporary Beauty

By Julie Kerr | August 4, 2013

And what’s more worrying is the increasing trend of young women who are resorting to drastic measures, including surgery, in an attempt to achieve this look. The Times article goes on to suggest that society’s obsession with how we look is influencing what young people focus on. They explain how,

Bulimia And Product Placement

By Julie Kerr | July 25, 2013

The media gets a lot of blame for triggering body dissatisfaction, low self-esteem and eating disorders. And perhaps it’s fairly placed when you consider how they bombard us with all those images of airbrushed ‘beauty’ and ‘perfect’ bodies.

Suffering from Bulimia? Why Your Relationship With The Mirror Keeps You Trapped

By Julie Kerr | July 17, 2013

For me it stemmed from my career as an international model and the pressure I put on myself to look a certain way. In short, I felt my looks and shape defined who I was as a person and so I became terrified about getting fat. In turn my relationship with food took a dangerous turn and the bingeing and purging became frequent and habitual.

Looks Aren’t Everything – Believe Me I’m a Model…

By Julie Kerr | July 4, 2013

What’s more, it means people with the “right” genetic make-up benefit, whilst the rest of us struggle to fit in by dieting, applying make-up or even resorting to surgery. Just take a look at any glossy magazine and you’ll see evidence of our on going struggle to “fix” the bits we don’t like as we strive to achieve the celebrated status of beautiful.

You Are Not The Only One: What "Mid-Life" Bulimia Sufferers Need To Know…

By Julie Kerr | July 2, 2013

In fact, given the right conditions and triggers, bulimia can afflict just about anyone. And a group of people that are often overlooked are women in their mid-life, who have one of the sharpest rises (as a percentage) in those seeking bulimia help.  Aging can be a challenge for many women as their bodies change and although they feel young inside the mirror tells another story.

Uncovered: What’s The REAL Cost Of Bulimia?

By Julie Kerr | June 27, 2013

The first time is pretty nasty. After all it’s not easy forcing your fingers down your throat. And then there’s the horrible acidic taste of regurgitated food. But the payoff is it makes you feel better – you tell yourself you’ve stopped all that food leading to weight gain – and anyway, you’re not going to do it again…

Bulimia: The Paradox and What YOU Can Do.

By Julie Kerr | June 15, 2013

It’s a paradox I explored in my last post when I discussed the dangers of a restrictive diet and the similarities between the symptoms of under eating and the side effects of bulimia.

Is ‘Dieting’ Actually Making Your Bulimia Worse?

By Julie Kerr | June 11, 2013

Perhaps you point the finger at your genetic make-up, your addictive personality or some deep-rooted self-esteem and confidence issues that stem from your childhood.

Eating Disorders and Body Image: How Can We Protect Our Children From The Pressures Of Modern Living?

By Julie Kerr | May 24, 2013

You can’t discuss statistics such as these without taking into account modern society. In recent years the pace of life and change has accelerated to such as extent that it can leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused and even lost.

How To Boost Your Self Esteem Despite Suffering From Bulimia.

By Julie Kerr | May 20, 2013

Unfortunately, it’s conversations such as these that can lead to a variety of eating disorders. In fact, a battle with your body is the likely reason bulimia developed in the first place. It was for me.

Good News: You’re NOT Destined To Be Stuck With Bulimia.

By Julie Kerr | May 14, 2013

There’s an out-dated paradigm influencing how women like you overcome your eating disorder. And it doesn’t work. Worse still, if you’ve tried any of the traditional treatments it’s likely they’ve actually reinforced your bulimic habits entrapping you further.

Bulimia Recovery: Don’t Discount This Simple Method

By Julie Kerr | May 12, 2013

If you have bulimia you’ll understand how it can hijack and destroy your life. I was desperate to stop and tried all kinds of methods – but nothing worked.