Your Bulimia Recovery Blog

Your Bulimia Recovery Blog

Hi there and welcome to your Bulimia Recovery Blog. I say ‘yours’ because I’ve created this blog with you in mind, someone who’s where I once was; struggling with bulimia and who now wants to be free or is at least curious to find out more.

And so, you’ll discover information to inspire and support your own recovery in the posts here on your Bulimia Recovery Blog. Information and insights either from my own personal experience and research or from mentoring and coaching others, along with any news and views from other experts in the field of eating disorders and beyond.

I truly believe in THE POWER OF A NEW PERSPECTIVE as a tool to cause change, so not all the posts will be directly related to bulimia or bulimia recovery. However I invite you to keep an open mind and be curious as they will indirectly relate and I share them with you to stimulate new understanding and insight and be a catalyst for your bulimia recovery. SO, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN & ENJOY.

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Struggling With Bulimia? Let Your Imagination Set YOU Free…

By Julie Kerr | May 7, 2013

Now if you’re reading this article I’m guessing you’re keen to escape. In fact, you’re probably highly attracted by the idea of being “bulimia free”. But what strategies have you used so far to achieve this goal?

Bulimia Binges & Spikes in Blood Sugar

By Julie Kerr | May 6, 2013

The ‘buzz’ of energy is quickly replaced with the low (lethargy) and before you know it, you’re reaching out for more and for someone suffering from bulimia, this can cause a binge or a relapse.

Why Your Stone Age Brain Is Responsible For Your Bulimia

By Julie Kerr | May 2, 2013

Now you’ve probably got a good grasp of the emotional triggers that initiate a binge and purge. BUT, you’re really struggling to figure out why it’s so hard to stop – even though your rational, logical brain wants to.

Warning: Bulimia Kills

By Julie Kerr | April 24, 2013

Now these may be harsh words but I’m speaking from experience. As a long-time sufferer of bulimia I know I was misguided. I resorted to drastic measures including a variety of slimming pills to divert my attention away from my desire to eat in an attempt to prevent myself from bingeing.

Here’s Why Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign Really Moved You

By Julie Kerr | April 21, 2013

In the ad you’ll see a forensic artist drawing women purely from descriptions. Firstly the women describe themselves. They’re asked detailed questions such as “what’s your most prominent feature”. Next, a stranger they’ve been partnered with describes these same women and again, the forensic artist draws a portrait based purely on what he’s told.

How I Recovered From Bulimia LIVE On Air

By Julie Kerr | April 16, 2013

Tomorrow (17 April) I’ll be chatting to Olive Guillais-Lazure on Blog Talk Radio about all things bulimia nd how I recovered from Bulimia 20 years ago.

Being Happy When You Have Bulimia (You Can’t Be Serious!)

By Julie Kerr | April 14, 2013

I admit it. This post is controversial. After all, if you suffer from bulimia you’re probably thinking it’s ludicrous for me to even suggest that you can be happy.  As John McEnroe would say “You cannot be serious!”

The Five Lies We Tell Ourselves That Helps Bulimia Thrive

By Julie Kerr | April 3, 2013

But bear with me because there’s real mileage in this method. Especially when you appreciate just how powerful your mind is. And to prove this point let’s look at how five common lies have entrapped you and allowed bulimia to thrive.

Bulimia Help: A Simple Method That’s Helping Bulimics Stop (and it could work for YOU too)

By Julie Kerr | March 20, 2013

You’ve tried to figure out what is ‘wrong’ with you, monitored each morsel you eat and focused on identifying your triggers.  You promise yourself that this will be the last time – but somehow it never is.   Instead the urge becomes too strong and you give in. Then you beat yourself up for being so weak-willed and for failing – once again.

Bulimia Side Effects

By Julie Kerr | February 6, 2013

Bulimia side effects have implications both short term and long term on both the body and mind of the sufferer, negatively impacting all areas of their life and the lives of their families. Medical evidence shows that overtime bulimia has the potential to inflict damage on every single system in the body, some of it…

Myths, Misconceptions and False Beliefs.

By Julie Kerr | July 13, 2012

When we believe something to be true it informs our everyday behaviour. Unfortunately there are a lot of myths, misconceptions and false beliefs around Bulimia which can prevent you from fully engaging in, or even starting recovery.Perhaps when you see that some of the deeply-held beliefs you have about Bulimia are incorrect you may feel…