Warning: Bulimia Kills

Now these may be harsh words but I’m speaking from experience. As a long-time sufferer of bulimia I know I was misguided. I resorted to drastic measures including a variety of slimming pills to divert my attention away from my desire to eat in an attempt to prevent myself from bingeing.

Here’s Why Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign Really Moved You

In the ad you’ll see a forensic artist drawing women purely from descriptions. Firstly the women describe themselves. They’re asked detailed questions such as “what’s your most prominent feature”. Next, a stranger they’ve been partnered with describes these same women and again, the forensic artist draws a portrait based purely on what he’s told.

Bulimia Side Effects

Bulimia side effects have implications both short term and long term on both the body and mind of the sufferer, negatively impacting all areas of their life and the lives of their families. Medical evidence shows that overtime bulimia has the potential to inflict damage on every single system in the body, some of it …

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