When you’re emotionally moved by something you see or hear it’s because the information has touched “a truth” you already have deep inside you.

So if, when you watch Dove’s new Real Beauty Campaign, you feel moved, it’s probably because you are unconsciously recognising a fundamental / innate truth that YOU are also more beautiful than you allow yourself to feel.

Just take a moment to take stock of your response to that idea…

And then watch the advert that officially launches today here…

In the ad you’ll see a forensic artist drawing women purely from descriptions. Firstly the women describe themselves. They’re asked detailed questions such as “what’s your most prominent feature”. Next, a stranger they’ve been partnered with describes these same women and again, the forensic artist draws a portrait based purely on what he’s told.

And then the two portraits are put side-by-side….

The difference is startling. Without exception, the women looked not only more “beautiful” in the portrait created from the stranger’s description, but it was also a more realistic image.

The women were really critical about moles or scars or things like that and yet they were describing just a normal, beautiful person”. —Forensic Artist – Dove advert

What is beauty anyway?

So what’s going on here?

“Internal research has revealed that only 1% of UK women would describe themselves as beautiful. The ‘Dove Beauty Spot’ campaign aims to increase this number and encourage women to recognise and celebrate their beauty spots.” — Dove statement

Now the Dove advert will have its critics that say it reinforces the stereotypical view of beauty as being based on youth and thinness. However, I think this response overlooks something deeper. Take this woman’s response to her portrait:

“Chloe’s perception was so clearly different. Her picture looked like somebody I thought I would want to talk to and be friends with like a happy, light, much younger, much brighter person”.

She’s not just talking about how she looks; she’s also describing a connection to an inner essence that lies deeper within.

You see, for me, “real beauty” is far more than physical appearance and perfect complexion. Real beauty is associated with a radiance that’s hard to put your finger on, and this emerges from inner confidence and an appreciation of who you are at the depths of your soul.

Is society to blame?

Eating disorders such as bulimia are frequently blamed on society. After all, everywhere women look they’re confronted with pictures of the ideal woman, who is usually stick thin, has stunning features and a pixel perfect complexion. Logically we know women like these are a minority – if you want proof just take a look at society at large.

5 thoughts on “Here’s Why Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign Really Moved You”

  1. Great article Julie. Loved the Dove video and for those suffering from Bulimia or those people that know others suffering from any eating disorder, this is incredibly powerful.
    Nice one.

  2. Julie, this is a really touching perspective on Dove’s moving advertisement. For those who suffer from Bulimia, your words are wise and empowering. So often our damaging behaviour patterns are linked to our poor self-image. It’s great that you are there to show women that there is, not just a way out, but a route to a happy and fulfilling future. Well done!

  3. This is actually very significant in terms of advertising also. If making people feel good makes people become a friend of the product that told them good things then it could lead to more mindfulness and improve the spirit within the consumer society. It would be great to do a controlled experiment and look at sales. The control is that “this soap removes imperfections etc.

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  5. Dilber Nurdinova

    This is a fantastic video, made me cry….because it is so true…sometimes we can be so judging towards ourselves. This video added additional view towards myself. I sent it to all my girlfriends and showed to couple women that are struggling with an eating disorder. Everyone had a WOW factor. It is lovingly and pleasantly shocking when you are confronted by such truth. Thank you so much!

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