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Discover How To Fight Bulimia In Style

An important part of bulimia recovery is discovering yourself and what is important to YOU, surprising fashion can support this. You may think to be fashionable, you need to be thin but fashion isn’t what you see on the runway or magazine. Fashion is developing about expressing your personal style and owning it.

Am I Fit and Healthy, or Fat and Unhealthy?

In summary, the news story reports the mother receiving a school letter stating that the results of the [State Mandated] Health Screening and Evaluation had revealed that her daughter’s Body Mass Index (BMI), was high and “could be severely detrimental to her health and academic performance if it went untreated”.

Christmas & Your Bulimia Recovery

Even when I was well on the road to recovery and relapses were few and far between I’d find myself getting anxious about food and my weight and how I was going to cope when faced with all the trigger foods and situations over the Christmas period.

"Likeness" – How Helpful Is This Movie For Bulimia Sufferers?

Personally I don’t see how the movie ‘Likeness’ by Rodrigo Prieto is helpful. This short video about ‘eating disorders’ is more of a thinspiration (pro anorexia / pro bulimia) video with all the images of skinny models taking up a high percentage of the footage.  So potentially glamourising eating disorders and triggering for someone with an eating disorder.

Your Bulimia Free Christmas?

However I’ve now been bulimia free for over 20 years. Instead of obsessing about my weight, popping laxatives and slimming pills and being terrified of getting fat, I have a healthy relationship with food and myself. What’s more I found freedom without therapy or mediacation. Instead I tapped into and used a resource I already had inside me. And the good news is that you have this resource too – and it’s waiting to help you become bulimia free.

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