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Free Resources provides you articles to help you know the signs, symptoms and effects of bulimia nervosa and start you on your journey to your recovery.

Causes of Bulimia

Years after I’d recovered from Bulimia Nervosa and had begun working as a life coach and mentor I got curious as to what had caused my eating disorder. What actually were the causes of bulimia – so I started to research and was amazed to find that no one really knew. Everywhere I looked I …

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What is Bulimia?

Well, the usual definition of Bulimia or Bulimia Nervosa is that it is an eating disorder characterized by regular episodes of binge eating followed by purging – compensatory behaviours to prevent weight gain – which include self-induced vomiting, abuse of laxatives or diuretics, excessive exercise, eating very little or starving. The thing is–that’s rather like …

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Bulimia Side Effects

Bulimia side effects have implications both short term and long term on both the body and mind of the sufferer, negatively impacting all areas of their life and the lives of their families. Medical evidence shows that overtime bulimia has the potential to inflict damage on every single system in the body, some of it …

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