When I first reached out to Julie I was in a dark place. I felt deeply ashamed by my secret battle with binging and purging. My confidence was rock bottom – I didn’t see how I would be free from this destructive lifestyle which had sucked the life out of me.

When I was at university I’d seen a Doctor and tried some CBT sessions however, I quickly fell back into the cycle of bulimia. I started to believe bulimia was part of who I was and that I would never be free from it. I was lost and confused: Why was I doing this to myself? What for? I felt totally powerless.

I discovered Julie’s website and something in her approach resonated with me, plus I was inspired that she’d been bulimia free for decades.

Each session with Julie I learnt something new about myself and the power I innately had (we all have) to break free. I was able to talk openly about everything that was going on in my mind, it was such a relief.

With Julie’s support and guidance, I was able to do what I couldn’t do on my own; stop bingeing and purging. Yes, there were slip ups on the way, but Julie showed me how to turn these slip ups into opportunities and rather than slip back, I moved forwards to freedom.

I have changed so much. I no longer feel defeated and disheartened. I look back at who I was a year ago and see a lost child who felt terrible about something that wasn’t her fault.

With Julie’s support I was able to get my life on track, regain my self-worth and feel confident.

Today I am so much closer to my friends and family. I go on dates, go out for meals with my family and friends and have far more ‘real’ energy and less anxiety. I’ve also grown in my career thanks to a renewed sense of self belief. And perhaps most importantly I am able to trust my own mind.

If you are considering contacting Julie all I can say is that from my experience she has the ability to transform your outlook on life and its potential. I wish I had met her sooner.

I can’t thank her enough.

—SCK Designer

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