One of my clients sent me a link to a wonderful poem that she’d found inspiring and motivating . Now perhaps like you, she was struggling with her body image. Just the very idea of being OK with her body seemed impossible, let alone having a ‘beautiful body’, but in listening to the poem she described how something had changed.

It’s Curious How We Acquire Wisdom

It’s curious how we can suddenly ‘get’ something, that we’ve heard a hundred times before. You know the same ‘truth’ can be thrust under our nose time and time again; we hear it, we read it – we may even understand it intellectually – and yet nothing happens inside us; its wisdom escapes us and we continue to suffer because of it.

Then one day something happens…

  • a chance encounter,
  • a trivial experience,
  • a word

and suddenly we ‘see’ something – a new understanding – and we wonder how it could have possibly escaped us for so long.

And so it was for my client listening to Natalie Patterson’s poem, Beautiful Body, something inside her changed, something may change for you too.

Pretty powerful – hey?

I especially loved these two phrases…

“I will repeat these words until I am no longer reluctant. Until they are no longer foreign in my mouth. I will repeat these words, I have a Beautiful Body, until ownership becomes a privilege”.

WOW!  “Until ownership becomes a privilege“- How would you feel if ownership of your body was a privilege?

Just STOP for a moment and imagine that was so. What would you do differently?

And secondly..

“I am my own favourite song and I’m just now learning all the words. And I want to sing you, I want to sing you – until the song sticks. I have a beautiful body – period “

So what will your ‘Song’ be?

And are you going to ‘sing’ it until it STICKS?

Now if you didn’t get that moment of clarity, that new understanding, email me and I will send you a powerful exercise to help you build your self esteem and body confidence so you too can create “Your Song”.

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