Before working with Julie my eating disorder consumed me. It had totally eclipsed my relationship with a loving husband and my two amazing young children. And it had eroded my confidence to the point I felt unable to return to what had been a successful career.

I felt trapped. I was miserable. I was mad… I’d already had years of therapy trying to work out why it started, why me, and trying to resolve it, and when I first spoke to Julie, I was in treatment with a high-profile intuitive eating specialist but I was still bingeing and purging and I still in the dark as to why.

But that first call with Julie was life changing.

Her own story and unique insights into this problem made me decide to work with her instead and what a good decision it turned out to be! I will forever be grateful. Nobody has helped me like Julie has – she is a miracle worker and she has empowered me to take charge of my own life: A new vision for my life has already become my reality in so many ways and am the happiest I have ever been.

I now live life my way, not ED’s way.

Food that would have once been screaming at me from the fridge or the cupboards, now stays quietly there, unfinished for weeks. No more late-night dashes to the supermarket because I’ve binged all the kid’s cereal. I’m no longer obsess about meals and food and whether I’m being good or not.  I happily go for lunch with colleagues and friends and eat what I want. I don’t look up menus beforehand or plan exercising to allow for certain meals.

Without ED I feel real joy with my family. I get to be a Mum, it’s no longer a ‘got to’. I enjoy time with friends without guilt over what I should or shouldn’t have eaten. I no longer wake up immediately thinking about how big I am or, how embarrassed I am of myself. I now really like me. I exercise because it makes me feel good rather than a tool to torture myself with and to manipulate myself into external perfection.

I now have time to explore the things in life that interest me and to really focus on my career. I just haven’t had the time with ED utterly consuming me for so long. Without the support, tools and strategies I got from Julie none of this would have been possible. And all done in months rather than years.

I now feel ready to take over the world!

My advice to anyone thinking of working with Julie would be not to waste even one more hour on your bulimia. Make a positive change today! Just do it!!!

—P.K. UK

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