Finding Julie has been nothing short of miraculous for me. At the age of 55, I had abandoned all hope of recovery from an eating disorder that had been a constant in my life for over 40 years.

From the very first free Skype conversation I had with Julie, I could tell she was no snake oil sales(wo)men, preying upon people’s suffering, offering “miracle cures” or ineffective solutions. Julie’s authenticity and her radically novel, straightforward approach to a problem that had plagued me for so long was enough to convince me to try her program. Her suggestions yielded immediate results.

Over one year later, I can say unequivocally that the money I spent securing Julie’s coaching was the best investment I’ve ever made (and I’ve invested a lot of money over the years in counselling and treatment programs). Thanks to Julie’s insights, I stopped thinking of myself as having an addiction, stopped trying to carve the eating disorder out of me as though it was a tumour, stopped living in a chronic state of fight or flight, and started learning how to live bulimia free. The difference in my quality of life is astounding. I have been liberated from daily bingeing and purging and the constant obsession with food, restrictive eating, overeating, thoughts of dieting, etc. Meals are a pleasure now, and eating seems simple.

It’s criminal that Julie’s approach to eating disorders is not used by every doctor and treatment facility that deals with issues of disordered eating behaviours, and it is my fondest hope that every person who is out there suffering finds Julie.


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