Did you know that it’s possible for YOU to be free from bulimia now?

What’s more, my method doesn’t require intensive therapy, behaviour or emotional modification or drugs. Instead I’m going to ask you to do one simple thing….

Just shift your thinking.

Now I know this sounds very far-fetched and much too simplistic. After all, we’re told that bulimia is a complex eating disorder with psychological roots as well as the physical symptoms of binging and purging.

But bear with me because there’s real mileage in this method. Especially when you appreciate just how powerful your mind is. And to prove this point let’s look at how five common lies have entrapped you and allowed bulimia to thrive.

Which do you recognise?

1. Bulimia will help me lose weight… and then I’ll be happy

Bulimia often starts with a trigger. For example you may have felt under pressure to look a certain way. Perhaps you convinced yourself your body shape wasn’t attractive and the associated feelings of inadequacy eroded your confidence. Purging became the solution because you saw it as a weight loss strategy and a route to finally feeling good about yourself and your body.

But this belief is a myth. Firstly purging will not help you lose weight. In addition, achieving your weight goal is unlikely to leave you feeling fulfilled. That’s because the feelings of inadequacy come from how you feel about yourself at your core. The weight goal is just a distraction and something tangible to focus your attention on. It’s NOT a “real” solution.

But if you shift your thinking away from what’s “wrong” and instead focus on what’s right about you, you’ll create an inner environment that enables the self-sabotage to stop.

2. Bulimia helps me cope

Often people turn to bulimic behaviours because they find it helps to suppress darker thoughts and feelings. For example the binging may start because you feel stressed, anxious, lonely or bored. Then the guilt kicks in and the urge to purge takes over.

Binging may offer an immediate distraction BUT it does nothing to fix the underlying problem. In fact, you’ve probably noticed it actually makes things worse.

That’s because binging and purging generates feelings of disgust and self-hatred. And once you’re in this state of self-destruction your thoughts become even more warped. So instead of helping you to cope, bulimia actually reinforces the negative feelings that got you binging in the first place.

So instead of beating yourself up, try treating yourself with love and compassion. That simple shift of being gentler with yourself can have a profound impact on boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

3. I’m not that bad

Have you searched bulimia on YouTube and seen some worst-case scenarios? Has your response been something like “I don’t purge that much!” or “I’m not that thin” when looking at ‘thinspiration’ imagesand you conclude “I’m not that bad so I can’t have an eating disorder?

The truth is if you’re binging and purging, you have an eating disorder. What’s more, believing you don’t sets you on a dangerous slippery slope – especially in the early stages. That’s because unchecked, bulimia quickly becomes habit forming and will control you.

You maybe very convincing at telling yourself this habit is temporary – that you’ll stop when “X” happens. But have you noticed “X” either never happens or it changes? For example…

“I’ll stop when I’ve lost so many lbs./kilos” which perhaps becomes “I’ll stop when I’m not so stressed / after the holidays / when I get a new job” etc, etc.

Rather than pretending you don’t have a problem, seek professional help or confide in someone you trust.  I promise you there is a far more effective way to help you deal with the emotions and feelings that have led you to tread this path.

4. I’m in control

It’s true. You may have had control at the beginning. But because bulimia quickly becomes an addictive habit, any control you started out with rapidly slips away.

And if you need proof think about how many times you’ve told yourself “this will be the last time” or “I’ll never do it again” only to find yourself dragged back into the cycle?

The truth is your bulimia is only under control when you stop.

5. I’ve tried everything and still can’t stop so what’s the point?

I can understand your frustration because I was once in your shoes.

I thought I’d tried everything and would have to learn to live with bulimia: that I would have to somehow manage it, control it, struggle with it and also hide it.  But as it turned out that simply wasn’t true.

The fact that you can’t stop isn’t your fault. Nothing’s worked because you’ve been innocently going about stopping the wrong way. You’ve been trying to fix the problem and as a result your focus has remained on the problem. The result is you’ve been unintentionally fuelling your habit.

If you want to stop for good, you need a different approach.

It’s time to replace these lies with the truth.

These fives lies will keep you locked within the constraints of your own thinking.

These lies may be convincing, BUT they are NOT the truth. Instead they are beliefs or assumptions that you’ve made up to help you survive.

But here’s the exciting thing – because they’re made up, you have the power to change them.

You can choose right now to shift your thinking and focus on things that will make you happy instead of reflecting on all the bad stuff.

You can decide to accept and love who you are rather than destroying your self worth by beating yourself up. You see despite what you’ve maybe been led to think it is not “I’ll believe it when I see it” it is “What YOU believe, you’ll see” – that is believe it first, and then it will become your reality!

And you can use this technique to feel differently RIGHT NOW.

Now I realise you may feel a little reluctant to believe what I’m saying. After all can creating a different thought pattern really be that simple?

I say it can, and I know because I experienced it myself.

So please don’t discount this alternative route to becoming bulimia free. Instead, sign up to receive my FREE video series where I’ll explain in more detail just why the simple step of changing your focus, could be the most powerful recovery technique you ever discover.

It’s easy to get the videos, simply pop your email address into the box at the top of this page and you’ll get an access link sent direct to your inbox. I hope you do because you deserve to live a life you love – NOW.

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