The Losses and Gains of Bulimia

Perhaps you too bought into the idea that being a certain size would make you happy. That your life would work out and all would be well in your world; that you’d be accepted, loved and successful?

And so like me

YOU began to diet thinking that soon you’d be feeling and looking great, healthy, happy and confidant. And perhaps for a while it worked?

I remember in the beginning, it was quite exciting, even intoxicating, as the number on the scales went down and down.

But then something happened…

The number on the scales no longer moved on its downward trend – the weight was no longer shifting and so I restricted further.

And then things began to get ugly.

No longer were the hunger pangs mild – something I could deal with – but strong, powerful cravings.

And one day after eating what I considered to be too much, I panicked. The fear of gaining weight was so overwhelming I decided to throw up.


  I’d LOST…                                And I GAINED…Bulimia LostBulimia gained.

Others have lost their LIVES!

I know you cannot scare yourself into stopping or giving Bulimia up (I tried that too), BUT is Bulimia really worth it?

when it takes away so much and gives NOTHING in return,
except more misery?

Perhaps it is now time to STOP Hurting and START Healing?

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Bulimia Recovery Coach

Julie won a 15 year battle with bulimia over 20 years ago and now mentors and coaches others to bulimia freedom. She is a compassionate, caring bulimia recovery coach who brings a unique and powerful perspective on recovery that has helped people from all walks of life, not just stop bingeing and purging but learn how to love themselves and their bodies and create a life they love.

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