What Is Bulimia Recovery Coaching FAQs

Bulimia Freedom Coaching – FAQs

It’s a smart decision to consider coaching to help you recover from bulimia.

That’s because your chances of success will significantly increase when you have the ongoing support, guidance and understanding of someone who’s been in your shoes and now stands where you want to be.

That said, even if you know in your heart coaching is right for you, I’m sure you have questions, fears and concerns. For example:

  1. What exactly is Bulimia Free coaching?
  2. How does coaching work?
  3. Is coaching really right for you?

To help, I’ve written some comprehensive answers to these questions and more. In addition, if there’s anything I’ve not covered off, please email me at Julie@bulimiafree.com or give me a ring on + 44 7798842054, I’d be more than happy to chat.

Q. Why do I need help to recover from bulimia? 

A. Bulimia is a deep-rooted condition that affects all areas of your life. As such, once it takes hold, recovery can be very challenging. This means willpower alone and a desire to recover is often not enough to break free.

  • Have you ever told yourself that you’ll never binge again only to find the urge so overpowering you can’t break free from the cycle?
  • Have you ever wondered why, despite your best intentions, you can’t stop?
  • Or perhaps why you can prevent a binge sometimes but at other times it’s simply impossible?

Trying to recover on your own is confusing and lonely, your triumphs are random and long-term success seems shaky and tenuous.

Q. What is Bulimia Freedom coaching?

A. Coaching can help support and reinforce your desire to defeat bulimia by providing you with a strong support structure. Through coaching, you get access to proven tools and techniques that cause insight, ‘new’ thinking and understanding. It’s a powerful combination that will help you work through the obstacles that keep you struggling. And because you’re held to account, coaching can accelerate your journey to bulimia freedom.

Your coach can help you see your blind side, (those things that keep tripping you up).  Sometimes it’s the smallest nuance that can make the biggest difference to your success.

Bulimia Free coaching will also boost your self-esteem and help you feel more positive about life in general. There’s no talk of “fixing” you.  That’s because you’re not broken. For sure bulimia is a problem and it’s not something you want to keep living with, but you’re struggling with it now because you made some wrong choices – not because there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. Some of the choices you’ve made have put your body and mind at war. But through our coaching sessions, you will be able to get yourself back on track.

In fact, coaching will empower you. That’s because coaching holds you, the client, as resourceful, creative and already holding the answers you seek.

It means the results you can get through coaching can be remarkable. Working together, I can help you not only recover from bulimia for good, but also create a life you love, not an existence defined by your disempowering relationship with yourself or food.

Q. How does 1-2-1 coaching work?

A. The coaching itself revolves around in-depth conversations, reflection and action based on the implementation of the tools and techniques you’ll learn and the personal insights you’ll uncover.

Bulimia Free 1-2-1 Coaching has five distinct phases:

Phase One – Fact-finding:

We’ll kick-start your coaching journey with an initial consultation form. These fact-finding questions will help me learn more about you, your history with bulimia and what results you’d like to achieve. In addition, you’ll find these initial questions help you to focus your mind on recovery.

Phase Two – Ice-breaker:

Once I receive your completed consultation form, we’ll book a 15-minute Quick Start Skype Call. This is a chance for us to have an informal “getting to know you chat” as well as answer any of your pressing questions or concerns. It also sets the scene for the Breakthrough and Discovery Session, which comes next.

Phase Three – Breakthrough and Discovery:

During your two-hour Breakthrough and Discovery Session, you’ll uncover your personal barriers and triggers, challenge your thinking and lay strong foundations for a successful coaching journey. And by the end of the session, you’ll have a solid roadmap and compass to guide your next steps.

Phase Four – Momentum:

Then we’ll build on what was revealed during the Breakthrough Session with weekly one-hour Skype coaching calls. We’ll work together to help you become laser-focused on exactly what you need to implement to succeed. I can’t emphasise the importance of this. Knowing what NOT TO DO is half the battle – and if you can eliminate the common traps that many people fall into, and instead follow proven strategies, your chances of recovery increase massively. And that’s precisely what Bulimia Free Coaching will help you to do.

You’ll find the sessions are interactive and two-way. You’ll be encouraged to probe deeply into your thinking and discover who you at your core – as these discoveries hold the key to freedom from bulimia. This will challenge you and you may find some sessions emotionally draining. BUT, this in-depth thinking will cause insight and new ways of thinking.

We’ll also discuss your questions, talk about where you’re at and agree what your next steps should be.

Phase Five – Backup:

Listen — I want you to succeed.  I’m here to help and I’m here to ensure you get everything you possibly can out of your coaching programme.  And because the real challenges (as well as the breakthroughs and triumphs) happen between sessions, you’re free to email me at any time to ask questions or give me an update – and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

It means with Bulimia Free Coaching, you have access to ongoing help, support and encouragement whenever you need it for the duration of your coaching programme. You need never feel alone or unsupported again.

Q. How does coaching increase the chances of recovery from bulimia?

A. Bulimia recovery coaching offers a step-by-step, personalised guide to recovery. And because it’s tailored just for you, it can help you get results far quicker than some other treatment methods.

In addition, Bulimia Free coaching offers:

  • A safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment: In order to work through your bulimia, you need to be able to talk about it openly, candidly and without fear.  There is probably nothing you think or do that I myself didn’t think or do when I was suffering with bulimia.
  • Tailored for you: Although there are common factors, everyone’s experiences of bulimia are different. Coaching with me is personalised just for you. You’ll find me intuitive with an uncanny ability to tune into you. It means I can support and guide you, hold you to account and help you face your fears as you discover your own path to bulimia freedom.
  • Empathy from someone who’s stood in your shoes: I too struggled with bulimia for many years. I understand, first-hand, the confusion, self-loathing and emotional turmoil this debilitating condition causes. It means I will understand exactly what you’re going through and the struggles you tackle on a daily basis. You’ll find I’ll instinctively get it. And it’s this very genuine understanding and compassion that accelerates your own personal road to recovery
  • Proven strategies and tools that work: For me, the bingeing and purging stopped over 20 years ago. For sure it wasn’t easy. There were the relapses and the doubts, but I was able to push through these and overcome the inevitable challenges and difficulties. When you work with me, I’ll share the very same techniques and insights I used to not only recover from bulimia, but also remain bulimia free for over 20 years and actively create a life that I now love.

Q. Will you tell anyone what we’ve discussed?

A. Absolutely not. Coaching is 100% private and confidential – I promise I will never share what you tell me with anyone else. It’s really important you know this. That’s because you have more chance of recovering if you are able to talk openly and freely with me.

Q. What if I decide coaching is not right for me?

 A. In order for coaching to work, you have to feel comfortable with and confident in your coach. If not, progress will be more challenging. That’s why, when you sign-up for Bulimia Free coaching, we offer a full money back guarantee if after two weeks you decide that coaching is not for you.

Simply let me know, and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked and no pressure.

Q. Why choose to be coached by Julie Kerr?

A.  People who have recovered from bulimia say that one of the things that helped most was working with someone who has been there, as they know how you’re feeling without you having to explain in great detail.

I have first-hand experience of what it’s like to live a life that’s controlled and defined by bulimia and so I can provide compassionate understanding and genuine guidance that will help you to remain motivated and accountable throughout your journey.

And unlike many other bulimia recovery coaches, I’ve been bulimia free for over 20 years. It means you can be assured that the insights, tools and techniques that I share with you, really do work.

I’m the author of “Bulimia Free: A Practical Guide to Loving Yourself Right NOW” and “Are Your Dieting Strategies Killing You”.

And in terms of official qualifications, I’m a fully qualified life coach certified by The Coaching Academy, a qualified Master Results and Performance Coach and a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). In addition, I continue with my own personal development and training to ensure I have access to the most up to date ideas and information.

Combined, it means I have the skills, knowledge, insights and first-hand experience to guide you, teach you and reveal the proven short-cuts that will help you become bulimia free far quicker than you could alone.

Q. What success have you had?

A. Coaching alone does not guarantee success. That’s because coaching isn’t done to you. If you really want to break free from bulimia, you’ll need to take responsibility, take action and implement the agreements you make with me during our coaching calls. But of course I’m there to inspire, help and support you. I’ll hold you to account as well as guide you and provide advice to increase your chances of success.

But don’t mislead yourself. The road to recovery can be hard work. There may be days when you want to give in, and you could experience relapses and doubt – and this is when having a coach is invaluable. If you can lean on someone who is there for you and believes in you, no matter what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling, you’ll find the strength you need to keep going.

And it’s not all dark days! You’ll discover things about yourself you never knew.  In fact, clients have found the work we do together fun, motivating and inspiring. Increasingly, you’ll experience more joy and peace in your days and you’ll find yourself handling any upset in positive, empowering ways.

And of course the ultimate reward is a life that’s free from bulimia…

I’ve had some amazing feedback from the people I’ve worked with and some remarkable success stories. You can discover more when you Click Here. And of course there is my own success – 20 years bulimia free.

Q. I don’t live in the UK. Can you still coach me?

A. Yes. I use Skype to conduct coaching calls so it doesn’t matter where you live. In fact I’ve worked with people from across the world including America, China and Europe. I’ll simply schedule coaching calls so they suit your time zone.

Q. Is coaching right for everyone?

A. Wherever you are on your journey towards bulimia freedom, I can help. I’ve worked with all sorts of people including those who:

  • Have struggled with bulimia for many years
  • Have recovered, and then relapsed
  • Have tried (and failed) with other treatment solutions
  • Believe nothing will work
  • Have had problems with other eating disorders such as anorexia or binge eating
  • Have made progress but still find their relationship with food is a day to day struggle

However, my coaching style may not suit everyone. For example, progress will be more challenging if:

  • You’re unwilling to challenge your thinking
  • You want a quick fix and are not prepared to put in any work or time
  • You don’t really want to recover from bulimia

Life with bulimia is miserable. Bulimia suffocates your opportunities, restricts your experiences and ruins your relationship. How can you live a full life when your main focus is food and you hate yourself? So if you’ve really had enough, I urge you to take the next steps. You can turn it around. Freedom from bulimia really is possible, regardless of what you think or the past disappointments you’ve experienced.

So take the next step now, and have a look at the various coaching options I offer to see which one is right for you. Simply CLICK HERE to find out more about my 1-2-1 coaching programmes OR contact me to book a chat to talk through your options. You can email Julie@bulimiafree.com, Skype me juliedwi or give me a call on + 44 7798842054.

Your life is too precious to allow another day to be ruined by bulimia. So take the first step to freedom NOW and discover which coaching programme is right for you.





P.S. Here’s what you can do next.

  1. To learn more, click one-on-one bulimia recovery coaching programme.
  2. Email Julie@bulimiafree.com, Skype me juliedwi or give me a call on + 44 7798842054 to talk though your options.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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