Your Bulimia Recovery Blog

Your Bulimia Recovery Blog

Hi there and welcome to your Bulimia Recovery Blog. I say ‘yours’ because I’ve created this blog with you in mind, someone who’s where I once was; struggling with bulimia and who now wants to be free or is at least curious to find out more.

And so, you’ll discover information to inspire and support your own recovery in the posts here on your Bulimia Recovery Blog. Information and insights either from my own personal experience and research or from mentoring and coaching others, along with any news and views from other experts in the field of eating disorders and beyond.

I truly believe in THE POWER OF A NEW PERSPECTIVE as a tool to cause change, so not all the posts will be directly related to bulimia or bulimia recovery. However I invite you to keep an open mind and be curious as they will indirectly relate and I share them with you to stimulate new understanding and insight and be a catalyst for your bulimia recovery. SO, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN & ENJOY.

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A Little Bit of Love: Valentine’s Day & Bulimia Recovery

By Julie Kerr | February 14, 2019

Bulimia can’t exist in an environment of self-love. Discover 5 Easy Ways To Plant Seeds of Self-Love to Support Your Bulimia Recovery.

Side Effects of Under Eating

The Side Effects of Under-Eating

By Julie Kerr | April 11, 2018

  The Side Effects of Under-Eating: Could This Be Why You Feel So Awful?   If you’re struggling with bulimia it’s likely you’ll laugh at my suggestion that you are suffering from the side effects of under-eating. I know if anyone had suggested I was suffering from the side effects of under-eating when I was struggling…

clean eating

Bulimia & The Dirty Secret About Clean Eating

By Julie Kerr | April 10, 2018

Whilst the sentiment underlying Clean Eating isn’t wrong. We all want to be healthy and eating well is part of that, however if you have Bulimia BEWARE: Clean Eating Can Play Straight Into The Hands of Your Eating Disorder.

Bulimia Bloating - What To Do

7 Causes of Bulimia Bloating (& What YOU Can Do)

By Julie Kerr | March 29, 2018

How To Deal With Bulimia Bloating If you’re experiencing bulimia bloating, you are not alone. It’s quite probable, because of the causes of bulimia bloating, everyone with bulimia will experience it at some time or other. And especially in the early stages of recovery.   However, as you’ll discover in this post, there is a…

Laxative Abuse - Bulimia Free

Bulimia Laxative Abuse: 7 Dangers

By Julie Kerr | June 1, 2017

Laxative Abuse… Are You Exposing Yourself To Unnecessary Danger? Do you take laxatives after bingeing or bingeing and purging, hoping they will counteract the consequences of bingeing or perhaps finish off what throwing up didn’t?  Could this practice be making you vulnerable to the dangers of laxative abuse?  If so, you are not alone. The…

7 Bulimia Weight Loss Strategies That Cause Weight Gain

By Julie Kerr | April 21, 2017

The compensating behaviours of bulimia, self induced vomiting, dieting, fasting or over-exercising, may, on the surface, seem like effective weight loss strategies. However when you look at the science, you start to see that these strategies actually DON’T WORK AT ALL and that in the long run, they tend to contribute to you gaining more weight.

Spring Into Bulimia Freedom

By Julie Kerr | April 9, 2017

With Spring in the air, it is a great time to reset your intention and really ignite your desire for bulimia recovery so that you can finally be free from the stranglehold bulimia has over you and your life.

Bulimia: What Is Really Causing Your Bingeing & Purging? The Truth Could Set You Free.

By Julie Kerr | February 19, 2017

When there are so many reasons given for binge eating or bingeing , the question of why you binge, can be hard to answer. And the wrong answer, the wrong conclusion can send you down the wrong path, causing months, years and even decades of unnecessary frustration and struggle with bulimia. Know The truth.

The Losses and Gains of Bulimia

By Julie Kerr | February 11, 2017

Perhaps you too bought into the idea that being a certain size would make you happy. That your life would work out and all would be well in your world; that you’d be accepted, loved and successful? And so like me… YOU began to diet thinking that soon you’d be feeling and looking great, healthy,…

Protect Yourself From Bulimia Binges This Christmas

By Julie Kerr | December 16, 2016

Even when I was well on the road to recovery and relapses were few and far between I’d find myself getting anxious about   food and my weight and how I was going to cope when faced with all the trigger foods and situations over the Christmas period.

How The Truth About Self Esteem Can Enhance Bulimia Treatment.

By Julie Kerr | December 12, 2016

As a sufferer of bulimia I’m sure your self-esteem has nose-dived. In fact, your lack of confidence and negative body image could have been triggers that started your journey to bulimia in the first place. And you’ve probably read or believed that if you can build your confidence and self-esteem, somehow you’ll find the inner strength you need to move beyond your struggle with food.

How To Have A Beautiful Body

By Julie Kerr | October 23, 2016

Bulimia Recovery is difficult when you have a negative body image or poor body confidence but having a ‘Beautiful Body’ maybe easier than you think.