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Hi there and welcome to this page.

I have helped people from all walks of life, to not just STOP bingeing and purging but learn how to love themselves and their bodies and create a life they love.

But don't just take that from me!  Below are a selection of bulimia recovery stories from past clients.

And just before you scroll down and discover what they have to say, know that reading about the success of others, is both empowering and motivating and so the bulimia recovery stories you find below, may well inspire your own success.  I trust they do because being bulimia free is the best gift you could give yourself.

So, I look forward to hearing your recovery story one day too.

PLEASE NOTE:  Full names have been withheld from the bulimia recovery stories for personal privacy and protection.

Bulimia Recovery Stories - Here's what some past clients have had to say...

I Now Live Life My Way, Not ED’s Way.

Before working with Julie my eating disorder consumed me. It had totally eclipsed my relationship with a loving husband and my two amazing young children. And it had eroded my confidence to the point I felt unable to return to what had been a successful career.

I felt trapped. I was miserable. I was mad...

I’d already had years of therapy trying to work out why it started, why me, and trying to resolve it, and when I first spoke to Julie, I was in treatment with a high-profile intuitive eating specialist but I was still bingeing and purging and I still in the dark as to why.

But that first call with Julie was life changing.

Her own story and unique insights into this problem made me decide to work with her instead and what a good decision it turned out to be!

I will forever be grateful.

Nobody has helped me like Julie has - she is a miracle worker and she has empowered me to take charge of my own life: A new vision for my life has already become my reality in so many ways and am the happiest I have ever been.

I now live life my way, not ED’s way.

Food that would have once been screaming at me from the fridge or the cupboards, now stays quietly there, unfinished for weeks. No more late-night dashes to the supermarket because I’ve binged all the kid’s cereal.

I’m no longer obsess about meals and food and whether I’m being good or not.  I happily go for lunch with colleagues and friends and eat what I want. I don't look up menus beforehand or plan exercising to allow for certain meals.

Without ED I feel real joy with my family. I get to be a Mum, it’s no longer a ‘got to’. I enjoy time with friends without guilt over what I should or shouldn’t have eaten.

I no longer wake up immediately thinking about how big I am or, how embarrassed I am of myself. I now really like me. I exercise because it makes me feel good rather than a tool to torture myself with and to manipulate myself into external perfection.

I now have time to explore the things in life that interest me and to really focus on my career. I just haven't had the time with ED utterly consuming me for so long

Without the support, tools and strategies I got from Julie none of this would have been possible. And all done in months rather than years.

I now feel ready to take over the world!

My advice to anyone thinking of working with Julie would be not to waste even one more hour on your bulimia. Make a positive change today! Just do it!!!


Nothing Short of Miraculous: The End of a 40 Year Struggle

Finding Julie has been nothing short of miraculous for me. At the age of 55, I had abandoned all hope of recovery from an eating disorder that had been a constant in my life for over 40 years.

From the very first free Skype conversation I had with Julie, I could tell she was no snake oil sales(wo)men, preying upon people’s suffering, offering “miracle cures” or ineffective solutions. Julie’s authenticity and her radically novel, straightforward approach to a problem that had plagued me for so long was enough to convince me to try her program. Her suggestions yielded immediate results.

Over one year later, I can say unequivocally that the money I spent securing Julie’s coaching was the best investment I’ve ever made (and I’ve invested a lot of money over the years in counselling and treatment programs). Thanks to Julie’s insights, I stopped thinking of myself as having an addiction, stopped trying to carve the eating disorder out of me as though it was a tumour, stopped living in a chronic state of fight or flight, and started learning how to live bulimia free. The difference in my quality of life is astounding. I have been liberated from daily bingeing and purging and the constant obsession with food, restrictive eating, overeating, thoughts of dieting, etc. Meals are a pleasure now, and eating seems simple.

It’s criminal that Julie’s approach to eating disorders is not used by every doctor and treatment facility that deals with issues of disordered eating behaviours, and it is my fondest hope that every person who is out there suffering finds Julie.


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How I Discovered The Power To Break Free From Bulimia

When I first reached out to Julie I was in a dark place. I felt deeply ashamed by my secret battle with binging and purging. My confidence was rock bottom - I didn’t see how I would be free from this destructive lifestyle which had sucked the life out of me.

When I was at university I’d seen a Doctor and tried some CBT sessions however, I quickly fell back into the cycle of bulimia. I started to believe bulimia was part of who I was and that I would never be free from it. I was lost and confused: Why was I doing this to myself? What for? I felt totally powerless.

I discovered Julie’s website and something in her approach resonated with me, plus I was inspired that she’d been bulimia free for decades.

Each session with Julie I learnt something new about myself and the power I innately had (we all have) to break free. I was able to talk openly about everything that was going on in my mind, it was such a relief.

With Julie’s support and guidance, I was able to do what I couldn’t do on my own; stop bingeing and purging. Yes, there were slip ups on the way, but Julie showed me how to turn these slip ups into opportunities and rather than slip back, I moved forwards to freedom.

I have changed so much. I no longer feel defeated and disheartened. I look back at who I was a year ago and see a lost child who felt terrible about something that wasn’t her fault.

With Julie’s support I was able to get my life on track, regain my self-worth and feel confident.

Today I am so much closer to my friends and family. I go on dates, go out for meals with my family and friends and have far more ‘real’ energy and less anxiety. I've also grown in my career thanks to a renewed sense of self belief. And perhaps most importantly I am able to trust my own mind.

If you are considering contacting Julie all I can say is that from my experience she has the ability to transform your outlook on life and its potential. I wish I had met her sooner.

I can't thank her enough.

SCK Designer

Julie Is A Rare Gem.

Julie is a rare gem. There is no one quite like her empowering people to become bulimia free. In our coaching sessions, I felt comfortable revealing my shame and vulnerability and being completely honest with my struggles as her guidance and support came from her own experience recovering from an eating disorder. She empowered me to not dwell on my past but to look forward to who and what I wanted to achieve in my life. I feel honesty is what brought me to the heart of my eating disorder and with her tremendous encouragement and the tools she gave me, I am overjoyed to say I am free of my eating disorder after over a decade and have a rich and meaningful life with my family and in my career.

Rebecca, Beijing, PRC

I No Longer Felt Alone.

Before I met Julie I was in a downward spiral of self-destruction through bulimia, approaching my 8th year of suffering.

I felt hopeless & out of control, bingeing & purging up to 5 times a day. I could NOT see a way out, I thought this was something that I was going to have forever. I'd tried so many times to stop - each failure crashing hard back into my habits.

I found Julie when I acted upon a google search - desperate for help. After working up the courage to message her - I was replied too almost instantly.

For the first time in years I no longer felt alone.

I didn't feel embarrassed - I felt as though I could be open & honest - also a first in many years. Her understanding of the illness & her personal experience made it totally shame free.

With Julie's help, guidance & continual support – it’s safe to say - I've found my way out. Not only do I not binge & purge anymore - but I don't even want too!

I am looking at my life in a brand-new light and now I possess the courage to go for all the things I shut out of my life while suffering. I am singing again and have now got a following online - yes I now have the courage to go 'public' 🙂

The lessons I have learned are qualities that will help me in all aspects of my life. Without Julie, I have no doubts I’d still be very lost & stuck in my destructive ways.

There are no words to express the level of gratitude I have for Julie's help.

She's helped me close the door on my old ways- and shown me I possess the key to open a wonderful new door in my new & wonderful life.

AGB 🙂 xx UK

Taking the Bulimia Free Program was One of the Best Decisions of My Life.

Before I met Julie, I had already tried getting therapy with many psychologists and psychiatrists, I was misdiagnosed with mental illness, I was taking anti-depressants and I was still feeling miserable.

Waking up seemed like a harsh reality check, I hated myself and I hated my life. I tried committing suicide many times and I binged and purged often. I was destroying my life and the people around me.

After being skeptical about coaching over the internet, I finally made the decision to start the Bulimia Free program and for the first time, I was able to see my life as a solution, not a problem.

We were focusing on real and practical techniques to stop bingeing and purging, develop self love and learn how to live.

If anyone is seeking treatment for bulimia I would strongly recommend this program because you will learn that you can change your life by changing your thinking and you will be inspired by Julie because she knows what it’s like to have Bulimia.

Today, I am free from Bulimia and depression and for the first time in my life I can say that I truly love myself and I would never have done this without Julie’s help.

Your greatness is within you but sometimes you need someone to teach you how to unleash that greatness and that is what Julie does

Taking the Bulimia Free program was one of the best decisions of my life.

C Panama

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Bulimia Recovery Stories - Bulimiafree.com - Julie Kerr

I’m So Glad I Took That Leap Of Faith!

Dear Julie,

When I first contacted you, as you know, I was so stuck in an ED I couldn't see the road ahead, or even a future but listening to you, I saw you had a plan of where you wanted me to get to (free of ED and empowered). That was so great because it gave me confidence that (since I didn't know where I was going), you did.

You also explained to me that the plan would be tailored to what I needed, and that I was important to the process.  That was very important to me, because I felt like you really wanted to help me, rather than just provide a ready-made plan.

Also important was the fact that you are very friendly, personable and a good communicator (that was obvious from the start), so I thought that you were likely to be good (and you are!!).

And perhaps the most important thing was, you have a spark that I recognized, a spark that I’d lost and I thought “she's got it”. “She can help me to find mine”.

You are very easy to work with: accommodating and direct (in a good way, i.e. I always feel that I know where I am with you). You are very imaginative and engaging (never boring). You are friendly, which makes it easier to talk about the difficult and or sensitive things and your brilliance cuts through the grime and fog of deep personal problems.

Your enthusiasm for what you do and the joy with which you do it is inspiring and infectious. I felt safe and supported at all times.

So many people (professionals etc.) before you had told me what 'the way out' was, but they couldn't paint it for me as you have done and so I couldn't 'get' it. You described it and communicated it much much better than anyone else and all the exercises and materials that you have given me have been amazing.

I’m so glad I took that leap of faith and decided to work with you.

BO London

90 Days To Bulimia Freedom Changed My Life.

If you’re reading this and are suffering from bulimia do all you can to get on Julie’s 90 Days To Bulimia Freedom Coaching and Mentoring Programme. It changed my life!

Before, I started woking with Julie I felt lost and confused. I couldn't understand what had happened to me.  My passion and zest for life had gone and in its place, was darkness, fear, guilt and shame. I was terrified someone would discover what I was doing.

I'd tried a couple of methods and treatments, one of them being seriously expensive but regardless of the expensive nothing had helped me. I felt desperate. I really thought there is something wrong with me - how could I be so cruel to myself.

Despite having achieved so much in life, I felt such a failure as I broke promises to myself over and over and over again.  Something inside me knew my life should be completely different but I simply could not stop my bulimia.

It was getting worse and worse and more out of control.

I remember my first conversation with Julie very clearly. She's full of energy, shining and caring. From there we began our journey and I must admit, I loved the experience of going through her recovery process. It was an eye- opening experience and made stopping bingeing and purging not just possible but so much easier than I thought..

I have rediscovered myself and this has given me such strength.

Not bingeing and purging feels so great and I'm even eating foods that would have been triggering.  Not only that, I am handling stressful situations that in the past would have led straight to bingeing.

I now love to wake up in the morning, I love my life and I'm excited about creating my next chapter.

Thank-you Julie for helping me to come back and create a 'normal' fulfilled life where I'm free.

DN Poland

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I Am So Glad I Stumbled On Your Website!

Julie I just had to tell you this . . .

I've just tried on some old clothes that I haven't worn in years (eeeeek, already years!). They’d been hanging up in my closet with plans to wear them at some point and had been collecting dust!

Today I fit into some of them! And although others are still too snug to wear out in public, I can get in them and can see myself wearing many of them soon.

Julie! I lost this weight and I didn't do some crazy restrictive diet and I didn't do some crazy workout schedule.

I lost this weight, even with some overeating at night and some binges.

And now I'm crying. It's not so much the weight coming off, it's more the whole process and all that I've gone through for so many years . . . and now I'm losing the weight without really even thinking about it . . . I mean I do, but not like I used to and I haven't been hiding in my condo and crying every night and avoiding people and thinking of excuses upon excuses about how not to see them . . . I even met with a new guy this weekend.

I saw psychologists . . . many . . . and a dietician . . . and a psychiatrist . . . and it seemed like no one helped . . . you were the only person who made any difference and what a big and wonderful difference you made.  Thank you.

Although I'm still working on things, I've still come so far and not sure what I would have done without you. 20 years . . . 20 long years. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website!

Thank you so much!

Lots of love,

Anna Canada

Bulimia Recovery Stories - Bulimiafree.com - Julie Kerr

You've Shown Me How to Operate From a Different Place.

Dear Julie,

I would like to thank you for your amazing coaching with me.

Before coming to work with you, I have never confided in anyone other than one other person (by accident) that bulimia has been with me for almost ten years now, and originally it showed up about twenty years ago.

It has been my silent yet constant companion, always there, comforting me through binges and torturing me in purge phases. Over the last 2 or 3 years it has been unrelenting or is it better to say relentless, leaving me powerless and at its mercy. People in my life see me as a cheerful, wonderful, high achieving individual and are completely unaware that I have been in the grip of this monster for so long.

During the period that I have been working with you I have seen myself re-energise, refocus and really begin to value myself in a whole new way. I have for the first time in several years had whole week periods when I have had no episodes which is truly magical, empowering and as a result I can see a time, not too far away, when it will be a thing of the past . . . my history. New possibilities, endless possibilities are now visible to me for myself.

I have found you to be approachable, easy to open up to and communicate with, you have been massively supportive throughout the month and a half we've worked together. You have shown me compassion and in turn taught me to have compassion for myself. By teaching me techniques to help me work though emotions, overwhelm and other difficult situations that result in the bulimic episodes, you've shown me how to operate from a different place.

Although I am not fully free of it yet, I am astounded that after almost a decade, in only a matter of weeks I am seeing amazing results. I feel quite emotional in the level of gratitude with which I am able to say to you "thank you so much". I very much look forward to future sessions with you and the end of my bulimia for good. I feel that anyone that is lucky to find and work with you in future will be extremely fortunate.


I’m So Thankful For All Your Help.

Dear Julie

Thank you so much for the love, support and invaluable advice you have given me this past year.

When we met, I really didn’t have much hope that I would get better.

I am so proud of myself for getting through this year. I could not have done it without you.

If you hadn’t come into my life, I’m not sure whether I would have gotten through my final year at university, which of course would have been a great shame. Now, I have a great degree, I’m learning to watch my thinking and last but certainly not least, getting excited about the future!

You are so very special to me and I’m so thankful for all your help. I really appreciate it.

All my love xxx

LP  University Student UK

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