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Wouldn’t YOU love to…

STOP Hurting & START Healing?

If you are struggling with bulimia or bulimia recovery in any way, my Free Discovery Session, “GETTING OUT OF STUCK” will reveal to you…

  • Where you’re stuck and why and
  • the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do, or to work on, right now, so you can “GET OUT OF STUCK”.

And it may not be what you expect!

Because here’s the thing…

We don’t tend to be stuck, where we think we’re stuck!

“Julie, I almost cancelled my call with you but I’m so glad I didn’t!  It was so inspiring to look at my eating disorder from a new perspective. AND what a difference that has made. I’m so excited, my future now looks very different”.  —BB

Listen, we all need a little help at times.

I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it is like. So please don’t let shame or self–disgust stand in your way. It’s more than likely, I did what you’re doing.


Value $147

At the end of your Discovery Session there are two things that will most likely happen…

You may find that you’ve got enough to move forwards with. You may say “Hey Julie I’ve got what I need, I’m just going to run with this for now” and really that will be cool.  You know I love doing these sessions and it would be my pleasure to have helped you that far.


You might say, “Julie this is great but realistically I’m going to need a bit of help“.  In which case we can continue our discussion to see how I can best help you and which one of my coaching programs would be most appropriate for you…

And you CHOOSE to work with meor not.  It is what works for you.

Either way I know you will find this session extremely valuable. But don’t just take that from me…

“I have struggled with bulimia for over 7 years, I have stopped before but it’s never felt this good! Something has finally clicked and it was after my call with Julie. She helped me see things from a different perspective that I just wasn’t able to see before but with her help, I was able to see it all so clearly, and then go and apply it! That one call flipped the entire eating disorder on it’s head. I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy. I still have to fight the urge, but it is all worth it!” —B.W.

I look forward to speaking with you real soon.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

—Anais Nin

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