Do YOU Want to Recover From Bulimia - Fully, Finally & Forever?

Discover a unique SOLUTION that is freeing women around the world.

Could YOU be next?

Of course, you want to recover - right?

But what do you think or feel about the possibility of YOU recovering fully, finally and forever from Bulimia?

Are you:

  • HOPEFUL, excited or motivated to become free from bulimia?
  • A "YES, but..."  Past experiences have left you doubting or not trusting yourself.
  • SCEPTICAL or CYNICAL: You've heard the promises before. You've tried everything and nothing seems to work.

Depending on how you are feeling right now, you will probably feel differently about the statement below, however, regardless of how you feel, it won't change its TRUTH:

Recovery from bulimia is not only possible, but inevitable when done the 'right' way...

Let me tell you how - book a FREE call:



Julie! It was a crazy journey but...

Honestly, looking back from where I am today I wouldn’t take back the experience of having had to overcome bulimia. It was a crazy journey, but it also taught me so, so much.  You opened my eyes to new and powerful perspectives for not only recovering but for living a great life. I am super grateful to you for your unique blend of mentoring and coaching and for your constant support that led to me being truly free.

Have you ever found yourself ...

feeling such a fraud, such a failure, and such a freak?

The secrets, lies, clean-ups and cover-ups are exhausting.

Whilst you worry about what you’re doing to your health, you are even more terrified of what will happen to your career, your social standing and your status should anyone discover your secret - just the thought of it fills you with fear and yet... 

you can't seem to stop!

after REALLY trying to talk yourself out of it, walking down the supermarket aisle feeling excited, euphoric even?

As the cashier rings up the cakes, the chocolate and the crisps et cetera you chat away about your son’s birthday, as if you haven't a care in the world.  Yet, you have no son, there is no birthday party… The food is all for you!  Back home, after just a few bites you "wake up" – oh my God!  What am I doing?

And the day had started out so well.

lying in bed with your partner on a Sunday morning but only part of you is paying attention? Another part of you is focusing on how much you really need to get to the gym.

It had been a busy week, you didn’t exercise as much as you wanted and you can feel the pounds piling on. There’s no way you’re going for another bloody meal and before you know it - you're in an argument

Another it's another Sunday ruined!

setting special dates and deadlines to finally stop bingeing and purging?

Yet years or decades later, bulimia is still in your life.

You feel confused, frustrated and deeply ashamed that you’re not over this yet. With each cycle of binging and purging the fatigue, self-loathing and hostility get stronger and more vicious.

You smile and pretend everything is OK...

but for how long?

at 11 pm at night driving to the supermarket, having made some half-baked excuse to your partner about needing something for the kid's lunches as you rushed out of the door so as not to be questioned?

When in reality you ate the kid’s lunches - both of them - in a binge after dinner and then threw everything up!

You wonder, when is this craziness going to end? However, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.


secretly looking online for answers and solutions to get bulimia out of your life, once and for all? However, the conflicting information leaves you confused as to what you should do and you feel stuck.

You wonder what the heck is wrong with you: Have you got an addiction, a mental disorder or a personality issue?  Are you a control freak, are you just greedy and weak or is it...

because you are so f**ked up and can’t cope with your life!

Bulimia's Catch-22

For most people - perhaps you - "living with bulimia" is like wearing a mask. Your struggles and pain are hidden behind a facade of normalcy, all the while you teeter on a psychological tightrope never knowing what side you will fall on. So good is your facade, the outside world remains oblivious to the internal turmoil you endure: Thankfully, because you'd "rather die" than anyone knows, so deep is the shame. The fear of discovery permeates your daily life. It's exhausting. It's frustrating. At times - it is frightening.  It is also a lonely place to be.  And it's not helped by the negative self-talk and hateful stories of you being weak, greedy, pathetic, and powerless that run amok in your head.

Unfortunately, the experience of bulimia recovery isn't much better!

No matter what you do you can't stop bingeing and purging, or stop for long enough to make a difference. You still find yourself teetering on that tightrope. Still wearing a mask. Still exhausted. Still frustrated and still frightened. You know it's crazy, but sometimes you think living with bulimia isn't so bad after all!

You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Whatever you do feels wrong!

However, it doesn't have to be this way...

FACT: The only reason you are struggling with bulimia recovery is you have not yet discovered your "right" path to freedom. This isn't your fault - because up until now there has been very little, if anything, to help you!

You might like to know that I specialise in helping adult women find their "right path-way" so they can break free from bulimia fast and effectively and achieve full and lasting freedom, regardless of where they are in their recovery, whether they've been struggling for years, or just starting.


Break Free From The Tyranny of Bulimia so YOU Can Reclaim Yourself & Your Life



Drawing on more than 3 decades of experience, I have developed a unique and powerful proprietary process that makes recovery not just possible but inevitable. Yes, you did read that correctly!

The process doesn't just reveal "your right way"- your unique pathway to freedom - it is designed to continuously guide you to a full and lasting recovery. It will identify what holds you back and what is emerging, so you will be prepared and ready for the challenges armed with the strategies, techniques and tools you personally need to fully recover and be free.

And the good news is...

you don't have to wait to be free to feel the amazing benefits.

Your one-way ticket to freedom awaits You.

Don't let what IS FOR YOU, go by you...



I felt truly understood by you!

Someone who knew what it’s like to sneak around and make weird excuses and do weird stuff! It’s such a relief to speak about binging and purging with someone who has done it. Before I was always met with confusion and puzzlement. I even felt the eating disorder specialists didn’t really understand. What an amazing hopeful feeling to see you recovered and hear about others you’ve helped! So, I am super excited to work with you and have you in my corner.

Hi, I'm Julie Kerr

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I believe bulimia recovery is not just possible it's inevitable - for anyone

IF it is done in the right way.

The lived experience of bulimia may look the same or similar, however, it is always deeply personal and therefore quite different.

Recovery then needs to be personalised to reflect and respond to this, and in a very specific way - a way that is a perfect match for you.

Rarely does anyone look at recovery in the right light, or indeed go into it with the right frame of mind, vital steps get neglected or totally missed. That's why people suffer prolonged and unnecessary turmoil, struggle, and pain.

Let's begin correcting that now!

Bulimia recovery has had "bad PR" over the years, especially the message that full, or lasting, recovery is not possible, or, that you "never really get over bulimia."

  • It's a message that's just plain wrong!
  • It's a message that keeps people spinning in Hell.
  • It's a message that tells you Bulimia is stronger than you


We are capable, creative, resourceful beings and having bulimia doesn’t change this fundamental truth. You may not be experiencing yourself this way right now, but it doesn’t change the fact that - by virtue of being human - YOU have within you enormous power, potential and possibility, and IT IS TIME TO RECLAIM WHAT IS YOURS. Right now, for the most part, your power, potential and possibility are being held captive by bulimia!

I know this having self-recovered over 30 years ago, from a 15-year battle with bulimia AND, for more than 10 years, I've led hundreds of other women, from all walks of life (some you might even know), to live lives of freedom too - KNOWING that bulimia, or any other eating disorder, will never darken their lives again.

In the wider world, I am known as a bulimia recovery coach, however, to my clients I'm known as...

The Recovery Alchemist

Women just like you are so happy they did!



I now live life my way, not ED's way...

It had totally eclipsed my relationship with a loving husband and my two amazing young children. And it had eroded my confidence to the point I felt unable to return to what had been a successful career in the music industry. Despite years of therapy I was still bingeing and purging and still in the dark as to why.

That first call with Julie was life changing. Her story and unique insights into this problem made me decide to work with her, and what a good decision it turned out to be! I now live life my way, not ED’s way.



I'm counting my freedom in years...

For over 10 years I'd been secretly battling bulimia and was deeply ashamed that bingeing and purging had become my everyday priorities. A normal life eluded me despite my best efforts. I smiled on the outside but on the inside I was hurting. So, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine working with Julie would so radically and wonderfully change my life.

Recovery wasn't plain sailing and despite 2020-2022 being difficult years I didn't slip back to any old behaviours... I used everything Julie had taught me and turned my challenges into 'gold" and in the processs I found ME - the biggest joy ever for someone who'd hated herself so much.



Recovery The Gift That Keeps Giving...

Everything I wanted and had been struggling to get for over 20 years - the body, the self-confidence, the inner peace happiness and health - became available as I worked your recovery process with you.

I got me and I love her!

I got my life, and what a life! This life that came out of my freedom would have been impossible if I had still had been bingeing and purging or had been struggling with bulimia recovery. I now get what you mean when you say recovery is a gift that keeps on giving.

I am and will be forever grateful to you Julie.



I stopped thinking I had an addiction...

Finding Julie was nothing short of miraculous for me. At the age of 55, I had abandoned ALL hope of recovering from an eating disorder that had been a constant in my life for over 40 years.

Over one year later, I can say unequivocally the money I spent securing Julie’s coaching was the best investment I’ve ever made (and I’ve invested a lot of money over the years in counselling and treatment programs).
Thanks to Julie’s insights, I stopped thinking of myself as having an addiction, stopped trying to carve the eating disorder out of me as though it was a tumour, stopped living in a chronic state of fight or flight, and instead started learning how to live bulimia free.

You've heard 'THE CALL' within you to be free.

Haven't You?

Listen. You're still here reading this so,


Do you...

Drea to be Bulimia free work with me, julie kerr
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