Bulimia Recovery: Don’t Discount This Simple Method

Don’t discount this simple method for overcoming bulimia…

I’ve been bulimia free for 20 years.

Now I don’t tell you this to impress, but instead to let you know that total recovery is absolutely possible.

If I want to I can still vividly recall my bulimic days. I remember how ashamed it made me feel. I remember looking in the mirror and feeling disgusted by the woman staring back at me. A woman who was outwardly successful, but who in private turned to bingeing, purging and laxatives to cope with the pressure I felt.

If you have bulimia you’ll understand how it can hijack and destroy your life. I was desperate to stop and tried all kinds of methods – but nothing worked.

Then a strange thing happened. I accidently stumbled upon a solution. And the shocking thing was I didn’t realise I was healing. In fact I was unaware of the power of my discovery until I noticed the urge to binge had disappeared… and it changed my life.


My simple method involves shifting your thoughts. That’s it.

Now I’m wary my solution may seem too simplistic and you’re right to feel wary and keen to avoid false hope. But don’t be put off by its simplicity. As Dr Aaron Turner says:

“It’s a challenge to hear something new in something that sounds like something you already know”. 

It’s true that bulimia is a complex problem with deep roots. And you may believe it couldn’t disappear without the help of therapy, drugs or intensive treatment.

But in my experience it did. Because instead of endlessly asking myself why I had bulimia and analysing my triggers, I simply shifted my thoughts elsewhere and achieved success. And here’s why it worked.


The on-going cycle of bingeing and purging starts with a thought…

Bulimia is an addictive habit. Before long you unknowingly embrace it as part of your identity. You believe you need to do it to cope. It becomes instinctive and extremely difficult to stop.

Now you probably want to stop and you’ve tried telling yourself that you will. But it doesn’t work. And it’s not your fault. You see it’s extremely difficult for bulimia to be “cured” through willpower alone and here’s the reason.

If you tell yourself you’ll stop, all you do is put your focus on the bulimia. The willpower makes you think about the bulimic cycle. In fact the very notion of saying “I won’t binge today” simply conjures vivid images of you in the act of bingeing. You’ll find yourself obsessing with food and eventually you’ll cave in just to make the urge go away.

Then you’re back to feeling powerless and disgusted with yourself for being so weak and inadequate.

In short your thoughts and your focus are sabotaging your chances of success. And here’s why…


Your thoughts create your reality

What you think about you experience”. For example:

  • If you think about what’s wrong with your life your brain will happily oblige with lots of answers.
  • If you tell yourself your body isn’t beautiful you’ll conjure up heaps of references that prove you right.
  • If you tell yourself you’re worthless and weak, again your brain will give you plenty of reasons to believe that fact.
  • And if you think about being bulimic or quitting bulimia, the bingeing and purging will continue.

That’s because these disempowering questions are a misuse of your imagination. They successfully create a reality where bulimia can thrive and you remain its victim.

So if your strategy so far has relied on willpower or trying to understand your triggers, why not try a different approach. You’ve got nothing to lose and you never know, it might just work.

And remember, as long as you think of yourself as bulimic and focus on what’s got you to this point, you will struggle to recover.

Now I’m not suggesting you’ll get better overnight. BUT if you can shift your thinking and use your imagination to empower your soul on a consistent basis, over time you will change your reality.

For me I shifted my focus away from an obsession with my physical body. I saw a young woman in a gym that was full of vitality, joy and a contagious zest for life. I wanted to be like her. I wanted some of that positive experience and that’s what I started to focus on.

And by shifting my focus away from someone who had previously self-labelled as a struggling bulimic, I thought about loving life.

And do you know what, it worked.


So what could be your inspiration for change?

What does a life you love look like to you? Why not define it. Create a vision board of it. Shift your focus to think of nothing but it and before you know it, like me, perhaps the bingeing and purging will stop. Full stop.


Julie I need to know more…

If you feel even a tiny bit curious about this method then don’t let that thought go. It means you’ve read something in this post today that’s resonated with your inner wisdom and your soul can see potential.

I’ve created a series of free videos that explain this process in far more detail. For example I’ll tell you more about the power of your thoughts and how you can harness them to create the life you always dreamed of. You can get access to these videos right now. Simply pop your email address into the box at the top of this page and I’ll send you a link.

I look forward to sharing more and helping you become bulimia free.

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