Good News: You’re NOT Destined To Be Stuck With Bulimia.


I imagine you’re reading this because you long to be bulimia free.

Yet despite your desire to put an end to the constant misery of bingeing and purging have you found it a real struggle to stop?

If so, you’re not alone. And the reason is simple.

You’ve been looking for the solution in the wrong direction.

Let me explain…


Don’t believe everything you read

There’s an out-dated paradigm influencing how women like you overcome your eating disorder. And it doesn’t work. Worse still, if you’ve tried any of the traditional treatments it’s likely they’ve actually reinforced your bulimic habits entrapping you further.

And as a coach who helps women overcome bulimia I find myself getting increasingly frustrated at the amount of disempowering advice and information out there.

For example, perhaps you’ve been led to believe that your genes are in some way responsible. Yes it’s a great argument. But if you believe you’re genetically programmed to be more susceptible to an eating disorder how can you possibly hope to recover?

Or perhaps you’ve tried the counselling and therapy route. But by trying to identify your bulimic triggers, all you’ve achieved it to put more attention and focus on the very habit you want to stop.

Or maybe you’ve been led to believe the media is responsible. After all it has commoditised female beauty causing “normal” women to feel pressured to take drastic action to stay thin when they don’t look like those pixel perfect airbrushed models in the TV and magazine adverts.


Looking in the wrong direction will keep you trapped

Now I don’t deny that these are all plausible arguments. What’s more, I’m sure you’ll be able to find plenty of evidence to support them.

BUT as an individual suffering from bulimia, these explanations don’t help – primarily because they divert the control for your future firmly away from you. You see if the problem lies outside, you can’t influence it. For example:

  • You can’t change your genes
  • You can’t always change the occurrence of your triggers (just your response to them)
  • You can’t suddenly make all those beautiful female images disappear


If anything, blame your archaic, Stone Age brain

If you do want to blame something, point the finger at your reptilian brain. You see the restrictive diet associated with bulimia stimulates an instinctive physical reaction within your body. It’s called survival and it’s governed by a part of your brain that evolved to suit the environment of early man. In those times a choice really could mean the difference between life and death.

And whilst this mechanism proved highly effective in the Stone Age, it’s totally out of touch with the modern day availability of food. Yet when you follow a restricted diet, purge and or starve yourself your archaic survival mechanism still kicks in. It thinks you’re in starvation mode and as such you crave food.


Be angry because the prevailing paradigm disempowers you

Now I know from my own struggle to overcome bulimia just how hard it is. Your logical brain tells you to stop, but when you’re caught in the trap of bulimia it’s not enough to overcome the powerful emotional (and instinctual) urges that drive you to the fridge – and then the bathroom.

And I’m frustrated because I know there’s a solution to this debilitating eating disorder that’s far simpler, and way more effective.


Allow yourself to discover the truth

Long-term recovery from bulimia becomes absolutely possible when you shift your attention within. When you choose to leave the conversation that surrounds you and awaken to the infinite potential and wisdom that exists deep within, magic happens.

Let me tell you something.

“If you can create a future for yourself that’s more compelling and exciting than dieting,weight and shape, it’s going to motivate you to move forward”.

In comparison, if you continue to allow your focus and your life to be defined by bulimia, this nasty eating disorder will continue to govern your life.

And this shift all comes down to how you think.

The old paradigm keeps the odds of recovery stacked against you. In comparison, if you empower yourself to find the answer, your infinite wisdom will lead the way.


You do have a choice

You can choose to refuse to accept that your genetic make-up is responsible for your problem.

You can choose how you respond to images of women. After all they’re just images. Up to now you’ve probably allowed the media to interpret their meaning for you. Why not take back control and instead allow yourself to decide.


A simple shift in thinking will totally transform your reality

Make a decision right now to shift your thinking.

Allow you thoughts to provide the route to your recovery.

Choose to move beyond the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the bulimic world and instead get excited about creating a life you’ll love.

I chose to shift my thoughts away from an obsession with my body shape and instead focus on being full of vitality, joy and a zest for life. And because I consistently thought about this more positive existence, I began to see and experience those things in my life.


What will you create?

So what does your future hold?

To where could you shift your attention?

  • Could you awaken your love of painting, writing or singing?
  • Could you focus on being a loving mother?
  • Could you give your adventurous, free spirit the space to discover?

Know now that you have the power to determine your future – and it doesn’t need to have any resemblance to your past.

Make a choice to shut out the societal chatter, quieten the critical self-talk and listen to your inner being. I promise if you listen close enough, your heart will show you the way and your soul will guide you there.

P.S: I’m always happy to answer questions so if you don’t want to leave them publically in the comments section, please feel free to email

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