Personally I don’t see how the movie ‘Likeness’ by Rodrigo Prieto is helpful. This short video about ‘eating disorders’ is more of a thinspiration (pro anorexia / pro bulimia) video with all the images of skinny models taking up a high percentage of the footage.  So potentially glamourising eating disorders and triggering for someone with an eating disorder.

It may have been therapeutic for Rodrigo Prieto’s family but is it necessary for public consumption?

Will it open up conversation when it’s not actually suitable for someone with an eating disorder to watch?

Sure Elle Fanning powerfully captures the self hate of someone with an eating disorder and the pretence that you’re OK

It is a bit like a road crash. The movie doesn’t contain anything that you can’t see on YouTube from the point of view of depicting the horrors of an eating disorder – a number of videos spring to mind.

We certainly need to talk far more openly about the subject of eating disorders – one of the supposed reasons for the film – but seeing it’a not really suitable for someone suffering I’m not sure it is going to do that.  What we’re doing is discussing the merits of the film – that is all.

I think a movie about the harmful short and long term bulimia side effects may be more useful – although I’m sure many suffering from an eating disorder already know enough about the damage it is doing.

Far more useful might be a film about the dangers of restricted and fad diets which despite being the major trigger for an eating disorder, in particluar the binge purge cycle (the main characteristic of bulimia), are part of everyday life or perhaps an inspiring film on why someone would want to recover – what’s great about life – being human and about discovering one’s own unique look and talents.

I’d love to know what you think?

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