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Join Bulimia Recovery Coach and Creator of the BULIMIA FREEDOM FORMULA, Julie Kerr, on a FREE Life Changing Webinar Presentation and discover how YOU can be Binge and Purge free and Create a Christmas You’d Love.


If you’re worrying about how you’ll cope this Christmas with all the trigger foods, people and situations, if you’re scared you’ll relapse or gain weight – you NEED to be on this FREE webinar presentation.

During our hour together, I’ll reveal effective strategies and techniques from my BULIMIA FREEDOM FORMULA.  These are secrets and proven techniques that I usually reserve for my private coaching clients.

But it’s Christmas…

And I want YOU to benefit from my knowledge and experience.  I’d love YOU to have a breakthrough in your bulimia recovery and experience a wonderful Christmas – a Christmas You’d Love. A Christmas, Binge and Purge free.  Now this might seem an impossibility, especially at this time of year, but I promise you it’s not.

In FACT it is a very real possibility for YOU… if you know what to do.  

And I am going to explain the ‘What’ and show YOU ‘How’.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. CLICK HERE to register NOW to reserve your spot and get ready to discover…

  • How YOU can feel GREAT right now (Well, once you implement one of the strategies I’ll be sharing)
  • What it is YOU really need to control.
  • Why dieting, whether that is restricting calories or food types, is totally counterproductive in the run up to Christmas and what to do instead.
  • How to avoid Three Fundamental Mistakes that are keeping you trapped
  • How to create a Christmas YOU would Love

So if you want to experience the love, joy and celebration of Christmas rather than fear, struggle and isolation please join me to experience a SHIFT in your thinking that will literally transform your experience. 

Unfortunately there is only space for 100 attendees so REGISTER RIGHT NOW for this FREE life-changing webinar and secure your place by clicking HERE.

I understand because I’ve been in your position too and I KNOW how to get out of it.

You know I DREADED going home for Christmas because I was terrified someone would discover my secret battle with bulimia.  I couldn’t understand why despite my very best intentions I’d end up bingeing and purging.  The lies and deceptions would leave me  isolated. I felt powerless, guilty and ashamed.

Years later when I was hosting my own Christmas lunches and my will power began to crack I’d feel agitated and distracted and often times I couldn’t wait for my family and guests to go so I’d be left alone to binge – do you recognise that feeling?

So for years instead of getting caught up in the excitement and celebration of Christmas and be present to the love and laughter of friends and family. I’d experience fear, powerlessness and isolation despite being surrounded by those I loved and who loved me. I felt disgusting and disgusted.  I thought I’d never be able to stop.

However I’ve now been bulimia free for over 20 years. Instead of obsessing about my weight, popping laxatives and slimming pills and being terrified of getting fat, I have a healthy relationship with food and myself.  What’s more I found freedom without therapy or medication. Instead I tapped into and used a resource I already had inside me.  And the good news is that you have this resource too – and it’s waiting to help you become bulimia free.

It’s time to take back control and begin to trust yourself again.

To learn how YOU too can break free and have a binge- purge free Christmas please do join me on my FREE webinar presentation.  CLICK HERE to register now.

I look forward to helping you kick start your bulimia recovery and create a Christmas you’d truly love.

Not been on a Webinar before?

Don’t worry.  All the details will sent to you as to what to do.

The great thing about webinar presentations is they allow you to explore ideas in a totally safe way.

You don’t need to say anything and none of the other participants will see you. Instead, you can watch the presentation unfold from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to hear me talking on your computer screen, and if you have any questions, you can tap them into a comment box. It’s all completely confidential and no one (except from me) will know it was you who asked.

Stop allowing bulimia to destroy your life

The best time to start your journey to recovery is NOW.

You’ve already come so far so please don’t allow this opportunity to slip away. Instead, secure your seat and join me on my ‘Bulimia Free Christmas’ webinar. It’s a simple, risk-free way to start your journey to bulimia freedom, banish the ghosts of your Christmas Past and discover how to love yourself and your body once again.

All YOU need to do is show up.

And if you can’t make it – if you register – you will receive a link to the replay. So please do REGISTER by clicking the link

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  1. Hi my name is Kathy and have loved reading ur articles and find them so helpful. I am a 44 year old who has had bulimia from being a teen. It has recently become worse and I have gained a lot of weight which in turn has led me to lose confidence. I engage in binging then either use laxatives or purge by exercise or vomiting. However of late I haven’t been exercising due to shame of going out. I found ur article on regular eating fantastic and am trying to follow ur meal plan of 3 hourly eating however I am unsure of how many calories I ought to aim for or not exceed? Or am I missing the point in that I would be better not to count calories. I am just so aware I am overweight and it’s the old conflict in my head of losing weight / restricting/ binging and the desire to just be at a healthy weight again. Thsnkyou for taking the time to read this much appreciated x

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