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The Side Effects of Under-Eating

Side Effects of Under Eating

  The Side Effects of Under-Eating: Could This Be Why You Feel So Awful?   If you’re struggling with bulimia it’s likely you’ll laugh at my suggestion that you are suffering from the side effects of under-eating. I know if anyone had suggested I was suffering from the side effects of under-eating when I was struggling…

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Bulimia Laxative Abuse: 7 Dangers

Laxative Abuse - Bulimia Free

Laxative Abuse… Are You Exposing Yourself To Unnecessary Danger? Do you take laxatives after bingeing or bingeing and purging, hoping they will counteract the consequences of bingeing or perhaps finish off what throwing up didn’t?  Could this practice be making you vulnerable to the dangers of laxative abuse?  If so, you are not alone. The…

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